Promos - Paid Search: Constant Contact Prospects

This landing page was created as part of an ongoing campaign to give people who are searching for an email service provider another option. Constant Contact is 'The Big Guy' in our market space and so they have the Kleenex advantage. Therefore, many prospects haven't heard of VerticalResponse being new the the market. By using paid search and targeted Facebook advertising, we're reaching out to try to give these businesses a free alternative to the $200 they would spend at Constant Contact in the first year.

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Skills Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Drupal, Bootstrap,


The Request

Create a landing page that compares our basic offerring with Constant Contact's basic offering. Include the video produced by Product Marketing that talks about how you can better spend your $200.

The Idea

In simple language and graphics, show the benefits of signing up with VerticalResponse vs. Constant Contact.

The Solution

A simple math equation seemed the best option for showing that free is better than paying $200. I thought a chalkboard would give it some visual context and really liked the look and feel of this particular image and model.