Acquisition Display - VerticalResponse Giraffe

Acquisition display advertising should do a few things. It should represent the image, ideals and voice of the company. It should educate on a basic level. And, it should connect with its target audience on emotional and logical appeal.

The 'Giraffe' display campaign was originally created as part of a design overhaul that epically failed. I saw potential in the concept, feeling that the extended neck of the animal was a great metaphor for the small business customer reaching out for new customers. I decided to take the concept, strip away the elements that were highly criticized and repackage it in an accessible look that would appeal to new customers and not turn off our existing customer base.

The original unaccepted concepts

This ad went on to become our highest performing display banner and has had an unheard of life span. It continues to attract sign-ups and convert to paying customers to this day.

static ad

Original giraffe banner

static ad

Updated branding

static ad

Most recent variation

Skills Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, SWF Optimization, Storyboarding, Animation, Copy Writing/Editing, Conceptualization, Repapproach