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The VR Holiday Microsite is something of a tradition at VerticalResponse. A well promoted and anticipated tool that is published yearly with great tips, tools, resources and ideas to help small businesses market their promotions through the holiday season. It's a portal to holiday blog posts, tools such as the Holiday Subjectline Generator, guides, webinars, infographics, etc. It drives viewers to the VR blog, increases sign ups to the VR Buzz newsletter and the VerticalResponse product.

The 2015 micro-site expanded exponentially because of VerticalResponse's acquisition by the Deluxe corporation. More cooks jumped into the kitchen with people buying in from not only VerticalResponse, but Deluxe and Bags & Bows. The project was launched as the first cross company collaboration within the marketing team. The content was increased and the site was visually redesigned. I worked with my Creative Services counter-part, Jaime, to create the site within the parameters defined. The project was a success and easily quadrupled engagement over 2015. It also taught us a great deal about how to communicate and work with our team out in Minnesota.

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The Request

Redesign the 2014 Holiday Micro-site, update links and and create new assets for small businesses to use for their holiday marketing efforts.

The Challenge

The previous version of the site was a very basic layout with about 6 portals that lead to a holiday subject line generator, a few art assets and a blog post or two. I wanted to create an experience that was a little more dynamic and included more useable offerings. Another goal was to include links to the Deluxe cross-sell marketplace.

The Solution

The 2014 Holiday Micro-site was a success, more visually appealing, portals animated on hover or first touch, new, more attractive art assets, new infographics, guides and blog posts. We also incliuded a Deluxe cross-sell section to promote offerings from our sister companies in the Deluxe Small Business Sevices division of the Deluxe Corporation.

Skills Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Copy Writing, WordPress, Drupal


Holiday Micro-site 2014


Holiday Marketing Calendar 2014


Holiday Subject Line Words Infographic 2014