Thrillride Mechanics

Sara Moore is an amazing SF based clown/acotr/play-write. In 2013 she embarked on creating her own production comapny, the human animated group: Thrillride Mechanics. They are artists in residence at the Creativity Museum Theater in San Francisco. Her clown opera, Wunderworld, has won audiences over after successful runs here in SF and at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek.

In September, 2014, she launched a fundraiser to support future productions of Thrillride Mechanics and the Peggy & Paoli Fund which gives scholarships to promising up and coming female clowns. It was a star studded event that included performances by well known local clowns, such as Jeff Razz and Sara Moore herself. Local Drag Mother, Heklina, hosted the event, with guests including Matthew Martin, Diane "PINO" Wasnak, Veronica Blaire, and Dawn Meridith Smith.

The Request

Sara commissioned me to do a postcard to promote the event. She needed imagery that envoked the spirit of the event and the company, while clearly layingout an enormous amount of information.

The Challenge

I envisioned something that looked old and used, to honor the legacy of clowning, while mixing it with a cartoon styling. The name of the company evokes a rollercoaster and with Sara, herself, being the heart of the company, the elements came together quickly.

The Solution

The finished postcards were printed through the San Francisco City College's printing class and they came out great. Multiple people who know and have work closely with Sara Moore commented that, "He really understands your vision."

Skills Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Copy Writing


Front of the postcard


Back of the postcard


Facebook banner


Thrillride Mechanics Logo