Animation: Skadeedle Intro Video

Two weeks before the big meeting where the executive team was going to announce a brand, name change and new direction for the company, my boss came to me with a question. "If we can get you a sound file with narration, can you create an animated video where the new mascot, "Dee," introduces himself and the new name of the company to the employees?"
"Sure," I replied.
I had 8 days and a weekend to design a new body to go with the head my boss created, make the assets in Illustrator and animate a 2 minute video with lip synch in Flash. I buckled down.

The final video

The Request

Create a a video of the new "Dee" mascot introducing himself and the name and logo "Skadeedle" to the company at large as our new brand direction

The Challenge

The challenge of this project was that no assets had been created, a body had not been designed or discussed and I had very little time to accomplish what had been set before me.

The Solution

Some short cuts had to be compromised, such as body assets that didn't necessarily align perfectly, some jerky movements and a lip sync that could've used another few more hours of fine tuning. But, the video was effective and gave everyone the first clear picture of the new direction of the company. The executive team was especially thrilled with the end result.

Skills Used: Drawing, Cartooning, Illustrator, Vector Tracing, Flash, Animation


Original concept sketch to integrate new body design


Assets created and used in video


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