I enjoy creating vector based illustrations. I like the clean, highly produced results of a vector graphic and it translates well to both a corporate brand as well as a small business look. It communicates information and humor equally well and holds color and value.

The Request

Create a series of images to be used as header and footer images for the VerticalResponse template gallery. The images should be able to be used in a broad spectrum of emails as our clients will use these images for business, non-profit and private use.

The Challenge

Originally these designs were created for email templates that locked the images into the header and footer, so the images couldn't be too specific. A template that was too specific was a template that was rarely used by our customers.

The Solution

I traced the people from stock photography and then chose bold backgrounds to frame the graphic illustrations. I saw these images used many times for internal emails, in addition to being some of the customers' favorites.

Skills Used: Illustrator, Vector Tracing


Hip Hop




Pop Rock